Benefit from Trichotin Hair Regenesis & Online Hair Loss Workshops


These days, more and more clients are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, or battling with hair growth. Very often, this problem starts from within. Hair growth can be affected by many factors, including hormonal factors, diet, chemical damage, genetic and even stress. Did you know that 60% of hair loss sufferers would rather have hair than money or friends? Did …

Fusion LabsBenefit from Trichotin Hair Regenesis & Online Hair Loss Workshops

Lockdown does not mean shutdown.


Are you staying active? Lockdown does not mean shutdown.   Whilst we are on lockdown and shipments are on hold, that does not mean that your queries cannot be communicated and attended to. Service and support still needs to continue. We are working remotely, so if you need any assistance please let us know. It will be our pleasure to …

Fusion LabsLockdown does not mean shutdown.

Delivering service and support…today and every day


We have a duty to our clients.   Things are changing, but we’re still here for you.   A time for resilience. Not every decision is a financial one.    COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life overnight. In these uncertain times, it’s even more important for you to stay healthy.   We are following recommendations from …

Fusion LabsDelivering service and support…today and every day

Rich Hair Growth Begins in Your Hair Follicles.


When you radiate health, you’re unstoppable. Obstacles fall away. Goals are accomplished. When you’re weighed down by hair loss or compromised hair condition, you can feel demotivated. After all, everyday can’t be a bad hair day. Lifestyle stressors, lack of exercise, incomplete nutrition and environmental factors create demands on our bodies. And when you constantly demand more from your body …

Fusion LabsRich Hair Growth Begins in Your Hair Follicles.

Products of Influence


“Behind successful make up artists lie products of influence. Trichotin and Dermagen are two such products. . I do my best work on healthy hair and skin. I also use the products myself, and have seen great results personally. As a professional make up and hair artist, I recommend that you use Trichotin and Dermagen to look after your hair …

Fusion LabsProducts of Influence

Online Sales Instructions


A Step by Step Guide to Online Shopping on the Fusion Labs website: Visit the My Cart section of the Fusion labs website: ( Use the + sign to add the amount of each of the product/s you wish to order. Thereafter click Update Cart Then Checkout Complete your details and at the bottom of the page select the * …

Fusion LabsOnline Sales Instructions

Your health is the foundation of your life.


When your health suffers, so do your relationships, career, mental state and work output. On the other hand, when you treat your body well and look good, your life is full vitality. To help clients lay a foundation for peak hair and skin care, that drives maximum results, we created Trichotin, and Dermagen. Our goal: To make your nutritional life …

Fusion LabsYour health is the foundation of your life.



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May you see Miles of Smiles


Rarely do we stop to celebrate a milestone. It is in our company’s nature to continuously look around the corner for what must come next. But today, after another year of promoting health and amidst all the seasons’ festivities, I would like to take a moment to reach out and acknowledge your contribution. As I reflect on the year passed, I am …

Fusion LabsMay you see Miles of Smiles