The Fusion Labs Difference.


Thank you for being a part of the Fusion Laboratories family. We know that the best way to look excellent and feel great is to give your body what it needs nutritionally. That’s why we’ve formulated Trichotin Hair Regenesis and Dermagen Skin Care to help optomise you. Bounce around our site to learn more about Trichotin and Dermagen. If you …

Fusion LabsThe Fusion Labs Difference.

Luminous Skin


When it comes to skincare, most of us are keen to try just about anything that might give us healthy, glowing skin and keep those fine wrinkles at bay. These include old beauty hacks, new creams and serums recommended by dermatologists or even beauticians. That aside, there’s a more effective way to treat skin. A once-a-day capsule for all that. …

Fusion LabsLuminous Skin



“Fusion Labs, the fountain of youth with their products keeping us in the modelling game.” Lewis & Owen Harrison Fitness Models

Fusion LabsLongevity

Farai Gomwe


“Rejuvenate and revitalise your hair and skin with Fusion Labs. These must-have products are infused with multi-nutrients to improve your hair and skin. Get your skin glowing and hair growing from within! My go-to hair and skin nutrients by fusion_labs_online”

Fusion LabsFarai Gomwe

Your Body and Beauty Need Luxurious Sleep.


The team at Fusion Labs has reviewed stacks of clinical literature, run tests, and even tried it ourselves. We created Duo Calm to help you get a better night’s sleep using the finest natural ingredients. • Chamomile • Valerian Root • Magnesium Glycinate • Vitamin B6 These natural ingredients delivered in the perfect combination promote natural sleep and calmness. Sleep …

Fusion LabsYour Body and Beauty Need Luxurious Sleep.

UFC 240


” I love how my hair and skin looks with Fusion Labs Products.” Cris Cyborg UFC Featherweight Champion. Ranked the #1 P4P Female Fighter in the world by ESPN Undefeated in MMA for over a decade 3 x 145lbs World Champion!

Fusion LabsUFC 240

Cris Cyborg


“I first heard about the luxury hair and skin supplements by Fusion Labs from a friend. Since starting their program I feel so much healthier and can really notice the differences it is making in my skin!” Cris Cyborg 3 x 145lbs World Champion UFC Featherweight Champion Undefeated in MMA for over a decade Ranked the #1 P4P Female Fighter …

Fusion LabsCris Cyborg



Fiercely aligning with the Empowerment of Women, world-wide Fusion Labs, the internationally-recognised health and nutritional supplement brand is honoured to have signed world-renowned combat fighter Cris Cyborg as their brand ambassador. One of the greatest female fighters of all time, Cris has held the title of World Mixed Martial Arts champion for 13 years, with accolades including Female Fighter of …