Cris Cyborg


“I first heard about the luxury hair and skin supplements by Fusion Labs from a friend. Since starting their program I feel so much healthier and can really notice the differences it is making in my skin!” Cris Cyborg 3 x 145lbs World Champion UFC Featherweight Champion Undefeated in MMA for over a decade Ranked the #1 P4P Female Fighter …

Fusion LabsCris Cyborg



Fiercely aligning with the Empowerment of Women, world-wide Fusion Labs, the internationally-recognised health and nutritional supplement brand is honoured to have signed world-renowned combat fighter Cris Cyborg as their brand ambassador. One of the greatest female fighters of all time, Cris has held the title of World Mixed Martial Arts champion for 13 years, with accolades including Female Fighter of …


Science-backed Radiant Skin.


The luxury skin care supplement that delivers results. With Dermagen, we have developed a revolutionary, multi-layered approach to restoring and reinvigorating skin. Each carefully selected ingredient has been specifically chosen for its restorative and protective function to combat the toll that life and the natural aging process, takes on our skin. By precisely identifying the nutritional needs of our skin …

Fusion LabsScience-backed Radiant Skin.

Daphne Joy


“Absolutely love having the best skin and hair products. I’ve seen a major difference since being on month two of @fusion_labs_online luxury skin and hair pills. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed.” Daphne Joy

Fusion LabsDaphne Joy

Intelligent nutrition for stunning hair


Let your hair thrive with smart nutrition. Unlike so many solutions to hair loss, Trichotin doesn’t rely on one ingredient or unnatural chemicals that invariably don’t work. It contains a powerful blend of nutrients to promote healthier hair and skin condition. Trichotin is at the very cutting-edge of nutritional research and combines years of experience and testing to revitalize and …

Fusion LabsIntelligent nutrition for stunning hair

Stop male pattern hair loss in its tracks.


One of the most debilitating aspects of male pattern hair loss is the overwhelming sense of helplessness. A feeling of inevitability often accompanies the first signs of hair loss, a depressing resignation to the fate of male pattern hair loss. It doesn’t have to be this way! Every single ingredient in Trichotin DHT Inhibitor has been carefully selected to provide …

Fusion LabsStop male pattern hair loss in its tracks.

Scientifically developed male pattern hair loss reversal


There are so many rumours and second-hand tales of the causes of male pattern hair loss. Many of them are completely inaccurate. Raised DHT levels have long been known to be the cause of male pattern hair loss. However, we have seen that the effectiveness of scheduled DHT Inhibitors in combating male pattern hair loss was marred by some fairly …

Fusion LabsScientifically developed male pattern hair loss reversal

Reverse the effects of male pattern hair loss


Reverse the effects of male pattern hair loss with Trichotin, a complete hair maintenance caplet. Living with Alopecia (hair loss) is devastating. It chips away at our confidence and can put a real strain on our lives and our relationships. Society puts incredible focus on youthful appearance, so it’s no surprise that the stigma of male baldness is a pressure …

Fusion LabsReverse the effects of male pattern hair loss