Dermagen Skin Care

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Love your skin.
Dermagen is a luxury concept in skin care, that contains twenty-one nutrients including Glutathione, Collagen and Co Enzyme Q10. It is specially designed to treat skin disorders, enhance the body’s circulatory and healing systems, whilst nourishing and revitalising your skin.

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Dermagen is a revolutionary concept in skin care, meticulously developed by Fusion Laboratories. Its scientific formula, which contains Glutathione, Collagen and Co Enzyme Q10, is specially designed to stimulate the body’s circulatory system while nourishing and revitalising your skin.

Dermagen is specifically formulated to

  • Detoxify the skin
  • Treat certain skin disorders (acne, hyperpigmentation and others)
  • Enhance skin clarity and radiance
  • Improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Reduce visible signs of ageing

One capsule taken daily activates your skin’s metabolism through the delivery of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This nutrient-rich formula provides optimal conditioning for your skin.

THE RESULT: A significantly more radiant appearance.

Technical Information

Proprietary Name and Dosage Form
Dermagen Formulated Skin Care (Capsules)

Each capsule provides: Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Pycnogenol – 96% extract, Grape Seed Extract 95%, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Silica (horsetail herb), Coenzyme Q10, MSM (Methyl Sulfonic Methane), Resveratrol, L-Glutathione, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamine, Bilberry Extract 4:1, Collagen

Pharmacological Classification:
Category D Medicine

Pharmacological Action
There is new research demonstrating the benefits of anti-oxidants. Studies indicate that certain nutrients make a significant difference in the way an individual’s skin looks and feels and even in how well it ages. Vitamins A, C, D and E are known to improve skin health and appearance.

This product is indicated as a general supplement where a deficiency of any of the ingredients exists.

Diabetics should use this product under the supervision of their healthcare practitioner. Discontinue use at least 2 weeks prior to any surgical procedure. If you suffer from an auto-immune disease avoid using this product.

Keep out of reach of children. Consult a medical practitioner prior to use.

If you are using chronic prescription medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Pregnancy and Lactation
Use should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Dosage and Directions for Use
Take 1 capsule daily before breakfast.

Side Effects and Special Precautions
Discontinue the use of this product where there is sensitivity towards any of the ingredients.

Known Symptoms of Overdose and Treatment
No known symptoms.

Size 0 Pearl Red capsule

Printed carton containing Printed glass bottle with 30 red capsules.

Storage Instructions
Store below 25 degrees Celsius. Protect from light and moisture.


Your skin is an accurate reflection of your general health. By nourishing your skin with carefully selected quality ingredients you will enjoy healthy glowing skin. 

Glutathione is considered the ‘master antioxidant’. It is effective in the treatment of blemishes and pigmented skin, both of which are caused by oxidative stress. Glutathione binds liver toxins and facilitates the process of waste disposal, thus promoting clearer, healthier skin. The strong antioxidant effect of glutathione keeps cells functioning optimally and also inhibits the development of melanin, which determines skin tone.

Silica is a foundation mineral, indispensable for the integrity of connective tissue. With ageing, silica levels diminish leading to parched, wrinkled skin, brittle nails and dull hair. Supplementing with this mineral can delay the ageing process by replenishing and sustaining connecting tissue leading to younger looking skin, rich glossy hair and strong nails.

The unique properties of pycnogenol render it a fascinating cosmeceutical which supports healthy skin. It functions by binding to collagen and elastin thus inhibiting enzymatic degradation – a process which protects these proteins from destruction. Pycnogenol also serves as a micro-circulation enhancer thereby delivering a greater quantity of oxygen, nutrients and moisture to the skin as well as aiding detoxification by removal of toxins from the skin. Research shows that by augmenting these respiratory processes, skin elasticity and smoothness is increased, leading to fresher, more youthful complexion. Studies also support Pycnogenol’s ability to correct hyper-pigmentation, lighten dark spots, reduce the visible effects of photo-aging and UV light damage thus effectively brightening the skin’s appearance.

Beta-Carotene prevents colds, flu, other infections and certain skin disorders. By enhancing overall immunity it repairs the skin and delays the ageing process. Its ability to increase cell turn-over proliferates the outer layers of the skin hence assisting wound healing and preventing scarring. An improved skin texture and tone are thus evident.

Co Enzyme Q 10
This miracle ingredient stimulates collagen production and neutralizes harmful free radicals which are the main cause of ageing and skin damage. It has a profound effect on energizing the skin consequently repairing damage and renewing skin cells – culminating in clearer, brighter skin.

MSM improves cell wall permeability allowing nutrients to flow freely into the cells, waste and toxins to flow out and water to perfuse readily in both directions. This purification process stimulates collagen production promoting elasticity, healing and repair. Radiance, tone and clarity ensue.

Additional benefits of MSM

  • Oxygen availability is increased
  • MSM reduces inflammation and equalises the pressure on the two sides of the cell membrane.
  • Treats skin conditions – studies have proven that MSM confers healing in eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and other dermatoses.
  • MSM maintains an ideal pH balance
  • MSM helps the body bodies to absorb more nutrients – vitamins and minerals “lock” with MSM, allowing the body to fully utilize them.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A maintains the skin and mucous membranes in a moist healthy condition resisting cell damage. This increased hydration is conducive to the treatment of various skin disorders and also inhibits bacterial and viral proliferation. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles and reverses the harmful effects of sun damage culminating in a younger, healthier look.

Vitamin D
Supplementing with Vitamin D reduces inflammatory skin ailments which include psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, severe acne and other dermatological conditions. The anti-inflammatory effect encourages reconditioning and rejuvenation of the skin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which protects skin cells from the detrimental effects of ultraviolet light, environmental pollutants, drugs, and other free radical producing agents. By neutralizing free radicals Vitamin E counteracts this toxic effect. Free radicals are atoms with an uneven number of electrons – a situation which antioxidants -particularly Vitamin E – correct, leaving atoms stable. Fine lines and wrinkles are therefore prevented leaving the skin more vibrant and toned.

Dermatological benefits of Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E causes outer skin layer regeneration
  • Regulates vitamin A in the body, which in itself is important for healthy skin
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • Minimizes the effects of discoloration and age spots
  • Maintains the skin’s oil balance
  • Strengthens the skin’s barrier function causing a reduction in trans epidermal water loss with better hydration

Vitamin C
Vitamin C has a vital role in maintaining skin health. It is key to healthy connective tissue and the synthesis of collagen; a protein that aids in cell growth, conferring firmness, strength and self-repairing ability.

This skin-friendly mineral is one of the most prevalent trace elements in the body. It is fundamentally important in the treatment of acne which is often a symptom of zinc deficiency. Taken orally, zinc regulates the skin’s oil gland activity discouraging acne. Zinc is further known to facilitate healing of blemishes as well as reduction of the inflammatory component of skin disorders. By encouraging the production of elastin, collagen and dermo-proteins it aids the skin‘s capacity to heal. It also supports the underlying structure of the skin dermo proteins consequently promoting elasticity, tautness and flexibility thus making zinc an invaluable mineral for restoring healthy, youthful looking clear skin.

Selenium conditions heart tissue encouraging improved cardiac contractility and circulation. The improvement in micro-circulation induces suppleness, better texture and blemish free skin. Selenium in its detoxifying role combats acne and the effects of injurious free radicals. This allows the skin to retain its quality and ameliorate the effect of aging. Scientific studies have demonstrated the ability of selenium to deter the damaging effect of the sun’s rays on the skin and protect against ultraviolet-induced damage. Together with vitamin E it has a mutual synergistic effect.

Copper is considered the most effective skin regeneration and remodelling ingredient. By stimulating the body’s innate restorative processes to increase production of “regular” collagen, it repairs damaged skin by reducing scar tissue – the result healthier new skin.

Manganese facilitates mineral transport and absorption in the body. It is also required for collagen assembly in skin cells and is crucial to the skin support system.

Resveratrol regulates water homeostasis in the skin, thus keeping it ideally hydrated to maintain its beauty, radiance and glow.

Additional benefits

  • Firms and lifts the skin. Administration of this antioxidant keeps the skin looking fresh and supple.
  • Contains anti-aging properties which prolong cell life. Due to this process, the onset of aging is delayed ensuring a youthful look for longer.
  • Removal of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
  • Detoxification of the skin.
  • Nourishment of the skin.

L- Cysteine
L-Cysteine is an amino acid which contains sulphur. It advances repair and replaces damaged skin tissues to restore smoother, clearer looking skin. Its homeostatic pigment function (pheomelanin and eumelanin) is therefore essential in the treatment and regulation of skin tone.

Bilberry Extract
The Bilberry Extract sourced from Northern Europe contains anthocyanins which prevent bacterial infection and resist harmful microbes and pathogens. Bilberry extract strengthens the inner and outer skin layers and improves its protective function. It impedes premature ageing by facilitating the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the skin aiding the absorption of nutrients more effectively and therefore maintaining its vibrancy, elasticity and suppleness. Bilberry Extract also contains quercetin, a skin-conditioning agent that upholds nutrition to the skin enhancing the look, feel, and overall beauty of the skin.

Collagen is a protein which is a key structural component of connective skin tissue. It is used for its rejuvenating and hydrating properties promoting firmer, more even toned skin. It also minimises the development of lines and wrinkles consequently delaying the aging process, favouring a glowing, radiant and more youthful complexion for longer.

  • Advances elasticity, and increased hydration of the skin
  • Lightens skin pigmentation
  • Stimulates immunity
  • Encourages hair and nail rejuvenation

Grape Seed
Grape Seed Extract promotes skin health and restores skin elasticity. It is proven that intake of grape seed extract nourishes the skin and has a lightening effect on melasma and other visible hyper-pigmented areas, age spots, and acne. It also improves skin suppleness resulting in a “natural face-lift”.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha lipoic acid is remarkable in that it treats skin cells from both the inside and outside. It also safeguards the skin against the detrimental effects that sugars have on protein, a process which contributes to premature aging and poor skin quality. It effectively replaces damaged collagen fibres invigorating the skin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dermagen function?

With its select range of ingredients Dermagen improves the condition of the skin by detoxifying and nourishing. It also enhances smoothness by increasing elasticity.

Does Dermagen minimise acne?

Acne is primarily due to excess sebum (oil) production. The skin-friendly mineral Zinc, is the most common natural ingredient known to alleviate this condition. Its inclusion is therefore important to regulate the skin’s oil gland activity. Vitamin A, also included in the formula, is essential to prevent bacteria induced acne.

Will Dermagen correct skin pigmentation?

Dermagen contains Pycnogenol and Glutathione. Reports conclude that both these ingredients have the ability to correct hyper-pigmentation, lighten dark spots and reduce the visible effects of photo-aging caused by UV light damage and hormonal fluctuations.

Can Dermagen be used by both men and women?


Since the product does not interfere with endocrine metabolism it can safely be used by both genders.

How long do I have to use Dermagen before seeing results?

Dermagen is formulated for both short and long-term effect. The initial benefits are evident within 21 days, but longer term use is recommended for ongoing improvement and also to sustain the beneficial effect. It generally takes a month to correct the body’s nutritional deficiency initially, which in certain cases is the underlying cause. Once the essential nutrient balance in the body has been restored then only will the product’s full benefits become evident. Results also depend on other variables which include certain skin disorders, their severity, diet, lifestyle, metabolic and genetic factors.

Does Dermagen have clinical research to support its claims?

Dermagen is supported by a team of clinical researchers and doctors. It is authenticated by clinical evidence and each of its ingredients has proven health benefits. All products developed by Fusion Laboratories conform to the stringent regulations, processing and quality control criteria of the relevant authorities in the countries in which they are marketed.

Can I use Dermagen in conjunction with my medication?

The concomitant use of some medications may be associated with mild side effects.  Please consult your physician prior to use as he/she has access to your medical records and can provide the most accurate advice.

Is Dermagen safe and are there any side effects?

Dermagen is completely safe and does not have any known adverse side effects. However, individuals who may be sensitive to any of the ingredients should exercise caution. Dermagen has a well-established safety profile. To validate its safety, Fusion Labs have submitted documentation for registration and manufactures the product under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, in a fully controlled facility. This ensures purity, stability of its ingredients and accuracy of the final product. If, for any reason, Dermagen does not meet stringent pharmaceutical standards, the product is not approved for release from our facility.

Why should I use the product?

Proven Benefits:

  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Treats certain skin disorders
  • Enhances skin clarity
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Reduces visible signs of ageing

Why choose Dermagen over other skin supplements?

  • Dermagen is the only Luxury, Premier Multi-Nutrient.
  • Fusion Laboratories sources the highest quality ingredients and uses the most advanced technology/research to develop its products.
  • Dermagen has superior product formulation. Its smart and balanced formula is specially designed to allow for optimal absorption and efficacy.
  • None of the ingredients have been tested on animals.
  • We do not use artificial flavours or preservatives.


“I can’t live without these caps anymore. My hair and skin used to be so damaged from dye and my skin so dry and dull from acne treatments. I’m taking one pill of Trichotin Hair Regenesis and one pill of Dermagen skin Care everyday before breakfast and I’m soooo happy with the results I’ve already gottten in a few weeks.! My skin and hair are glowing!”
Adele Grisoni
International Model 

“I am loving my hair and skin care supplements from Fusion Labs.”
Joss Mooney

“Trichotin and Dermagen have delivered exactly what they said it can, for my hair and skin. Thank you Fusion Laboratories, for these phenomenal products which have become part of my daily regime.”
Candice van der Merwe
Model and IFBB Fitness Champ

As for Dermagen, I was super impressed with how smooth my skin started looking. It also helped me fight the terrible breakouts that I had become subject too. Thankfully I am back to having days where I just put on some mascara and lip gloss as my skin looks healthy and doesn’t need the cover-up. Its definitely two thumbs up from me for these two products. I’m super happy with the results and the ease of use and would definitely recommend it to all my friends. In fact, I have.”
Chantal Riley
Modelling and Pageantry Magazine Editor

“Trichotin and Dermagen gave me confidence in my hair and skin condition knowing that I am taking care of it from the inside out. With styling and makeup being done regularly I know that I have a secret that protects against damage, so that I can look and feel my best. Thank you Fusion Laboratories for these incredible products. I can’t go without them .”
Lezinka de Meyer
ICE Agency Model

“After the first two weeks of taking Dermagen I already noticed an improvement in the overall smoothness and softness of my entire body’s skin.  Unlike beauty creams, Dermagen works from within which means you’ll notice visible signs of improvement to your entire body. Being a Beauty Blogger I am often switching up my skin care to test new products which can play absolute havoc with my skin, but while taking Trichotin and Dermagen I noticed my skin was far less reactive to products that didn’t agree with me. As with Trichotin, the packaging is utterly luxurious. I have to admit, taking any other supplements or medication feels really ordinary when compared to opening up a frosted glass jar.  I also really love the shiny, bright red colour of the capsules. It is such an amazing feeling when you take these types of supplements and see the great results, it truly does take the chore out of taking them everyday.”
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Imij Hair

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“I have seen such great results and would recommend this product to everyone who wants to keep their hair and skin in amazing condition all year round.”
Robyn Ashleigh

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“I have been enjoying the product. The packaging is so luxurious so kudos to you for that. I have used it for over two months now and I find that my skin is more radiant. Breakouts are less and my skin looks clear… a bonus. I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends. Love it.”

“I love Dermagen. It’s cleared my skin up.
I had developed rosacea this winter and I purchased and started using the capsules at the height of my flare up.  Haven’t had a flare up since.”

My skin looks amazing . My pigmentation is clearing , my skin is glowing and looks firmer.
Shamima Desai

“The tablets are working to help keep the skin looking better, than if I wasn’t taking the Dermagen.”
Warrick Port

“It’s been almost a month since I started Dermagen and already the results are amazing my problem. The skin on face thinned due to thyroid medication but the elasticity has improved since I’ve started. I have tried many, many products before and this is the first time I’ve seen a noticeable difference.”

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“Wow. Just got home and my parcel has arrived. Such excellent service as usual and thank you for an amazing product. It’s helped a great deal and even though I am using the skin supplement, my hair has stopped falling out in clumps. This supplement has changed my life.”

“I love the product. My skin is glowing.”

“My skin has improved so much. I simply can’t live without Dermagen.”
Faith Pieters

“5 Capsules left and I must say I really see a difference. My face is almost clear and I must say I’m glowing. I’m really happy with this product.”
Charmaine Ntlekeni

“I am besides myself with excitement and glee following a few months of using the Dermagen capsules which were introduced to me by a friend.

I am a voluptuous woman who has areas of orange peel skin. I need to point out though that my use of Dermagen was never with the intention / expectation of smoothing out my problem areas. I was looking for a product to enhance my natural skin tone coupled with the much sought-after natural “glow”. This after realizing glutathione IV treatments were quite costly a habit and thus not sustainable FOR ME, after having gone for a dozen or more.

It has been 3 months using the capsules and boy am I SOLD! My skin is #goals. Supple, soft to the touch and silky. Also had minimum but visible stretch marks on my belly following child-birth but this too has FADED off almost completely. My curvaceous butt has no “speed humps” and “potholes”. Even the light stretchmarks on my bust have magically disappeared.

I am thrilled with your product and felt it fitting that I write in to give feedback. Dermagen for me has been nothing short of magical!”
June Kgamedi

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“I have been using your product (Dermagen) for 2 months. Acne was mostly arrested, minimal breakouts . So my supply finished a few weeks ago, now I have a few more breakouts. I needed to see if there would be a difference. I must say, your product works. I have just placed another order.”

All client’s comments are used with permission.