Exclusive Nutrition for Extraordinary Hair

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The ingredients in Trichotin Hair Regenesis. are selected to create vibrant health for your hair, skin and body. We wanted to highlight a few facts of two key ingredients and the clinical studies that point to their efficacy. Iron - While this might seem an ingredient that most of us are getting enough of, some people, particularly women, are deficient in this vital …

Fusion LabsExclusive Nutrition for Extraordinary Hair

Reo Brydges


Trichotin & Dermagen: Healthy hair and glowing skin

Fusion LabsReo Brydges

Taking Care of Your Body to Take Care of Your Hair!


The entire product comprises of select, essential nutrients. Each is chosen for its clinical efficacy and has been proven to provide nutritional benefits to hair, skin, and your overall health. When we first think about our hair, we often think of the part that sits on top of our heads, that we comb, brush and shampoo. In truth, the most …

Fusion LabsTaking Care of Your Body to Take Care of Your Hair!

Joanna Hill: on being a mum and Trichotin


“Being a mum is not easy, sometimes I only sleep 3 hours a night. I’m always so tired so it’s hard to keep my skin looking fresh and awake! I’m also swimming a lot with my little boo so my hair also suffers. That’s why I use Trichotin and Dermagen from Fusion Laboratories. They have nutrients in them that provide …

Fusion LabsJoanna Hill: on being a mum and Trichotin

Some Things Just aren’t Inevitable


Once you start losing your hair, everything can feel inevitable. There is a feeling that you need to simply wait for it to all be done and figure out how to keep your head covered all the time. It doesn’t need to be this way. The team at Fusion Laboratories has spent years studying the nutrition that your hair follicles …

Fusion LabsSome Things Just aren’t Inevitable

At the Heart of Great Hair is Great Nutrition


For many people suffering from alopecia (hair loss), nutrition can affect their bodies’ ability to grow strong, healthy hair. Often hair loss is affected by factors which we can treat, like iron or nutritional deficiencies. In other cases, there are factors that we can’t change, like genetics or ageing. At Fusion Laboratories, we have studied the nutritional needs of your …

Fusion LabsAt the Heart of Great Hair is Great Nutrition

Trichotin Hair Regenesis: Kelp


Trichotin Hair Regenesis contains more than thirty high-quality ingredients that are selected to optimise hair and skin condition. Included in the formulation is nutrient-rich, kelp. Kelp absorbs nutrients from its surrounding marine environment. It is abundant in: • vitamins • minerals • trace elements • & enzymes Kelp is considered a “superfood” because of it its significant mineral content. It …

Fusion LabsTrichotin Hair Regenesis: Kelp

Shelby Neves


“I haven’t been using Dermagen & Trichotin for a long period, but I certainly can say that I’ve seen improvement in my skin’s condition. I have also noticed drastic growth in my hair’s overall condition. I would not only suggest these outstanding products to people suffering from hair & skin problems, but to assist absolutely everyone in improving & maintaining …

Fusion LabsShelby Neves