What is DHT and why should you care?


This might be the reason you’re losing your hair Everyone knows what testosterone is – the hormone that makes men and boys, male. In a classic double-edged sword, testosterone also interacts with 5AR (5a-Reductase), an enzyme that converts it to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). That wouldn’t be so bad, but DHT shrinks hair follicles to the point where they die. Have you …

Fusion LabsWhat is DHT and why should you care?

Attractive hair through cutting-edge Nutrition


Alopecia (hair loss) can be a debilitating experience, destroying confidence and forcing us to rethink our identity. The most viable solution for decades has been painful surgery with variable success rates – until now. Trichotin Hair Regenesis from Fusion Laboratories is the culmination of years of exhaustive scientific research to pinpointing the major underlying causes of hair loss. Our research …

Fusion LabsAttractive hair through cutting-edge Nutrition

Co Enzyme Q10: The Wonder Antioxidant and Bioenergizer.


Co Enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that can help to save you from hair loss, slow growth and the frustration that goes with it. More than that, it’s great for every other part of you too. Running around in your body are free radicals that cause damage and ageing. They have a tendency to latch on to cells in the …

Fusion LabsCo Enzyme Q10: The Wonder Antioxidant and Bioenergizer.

Trystan Claire Blain


“One life. One body. One chance… I take only the best hair tablets, Trichotin.”

Fusion LabsTrystan Claire Blain

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)


Those three little letters can really wreak havoc on your head. They are causes of hair loss in both males and females. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), or 5α-dihydrotestosterone (5α-DHT) is hormone that is produced by your body. Let us share some Fast Facts: DHT is an androgen in both males and females. DHT is known to cause hair follicles to miniaturize. This …

Fusion LabsDihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Talking to a loved one about hair loss


Three tips for getting them help. It can be hard to talk to a man about his hair loss, but he knows it’s happening. Most men are unhappy about losing their hair. Many won’t talk about it, but you might find them searching the internet for answers. If your partner, husband or friend is experiencing the condition, here are a …

Fusion LabsTalking to a loved one about hair loss

Androgenic Alopecia – What It Is And How To Beat It?


Trichotin DHT Inhibitor is the answer. Androgenic Alopecia is a big fancy name for what most of us recognize as male pattern baldness or hair loss. It’s caused by a process where an enzyme in the scalp reacts with testosterone. This is what happens behind the scenes: As a man’s body produces testosterone, it’s naturally carried to the scalp via …

Fusion LabsAndrogenic Alopecia – What It Is And How To Beat It?

Adele Grisoni


“I’ve been using Trichotin Hair Regenesis and Dermagen Skin Care luxury supplements from Fusion Labs for a couple of months now and my hair and skin have never been so glowing. Give your body the essential nutrients it requires for healthier hair and skin too, supported by a team of clinical researchers and doctors.”

Fusion LabsAdele Grisoni

Let Science do the Work!


Every so often, a novel brand launches a skin cream that they claim will make you look better. “This new skin cream will reverse ageing and make you look 20 years younger.” Well, the truth is that there is little chance that such an anti-aging cream exist, and the effect of many anti-wrinkle creams are temporary. The one thing that …

Fusion LabsLet Science do the Work!