Roses have thorns. Those that are appreciative are grateful, that thorns have roses.

Thankfulness is more dependent on attitude than circumstances.

Gratitude is about having an awareness of the many miracles in your life –  Value them. If we don’t appreciate what we have, we miss the fulfillment it brings.

Gratitude is the gateway to awesomeness. It is a state of being. When we are grateful we expand to better versions of ourselves.

For a minute look back and realise you live an extraordinary life in many capacities.



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      Fusion Labs

      Dear Tatiana

      Thank you for the feedback. It really matters.

      I will discuss it at our weekly review meeting and if suitable, incorporate it.

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      We prefer to rather lighten your load and instead invite you to visit when convenient.

      Nevertheless, thank you ! We are most grateful for your suggestion, time and readership.

      – Rasheed

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