Valerian for Psychological Support⁣


Duo Calm formulated to also supporting relaxation and alleviate stress, is a natural remedy that promotes healthy sleep and higher quality of life. ⁣

This unique multi-nutrient contains Valerian, an anti-anxiety and sleeping herb that has been used therapeutically for centuries. ⁣

(The name Valerian is derived from the Latin verb valentia, which denotes strength, while the specific epithet officinalis refers to the medical properties of the species).⁣

This ingredient was even used in World War II for relaxation, sleep and to treat soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress. ⁣

In, A Modern Herbal Maud Grieve noted the use of valerian during World War I:⁣

“The drug allays pain and promotes sleep. It is of especial use and benefit to those suffering from nervous overstrain. During the War, when air-raids were a serious strain on the nerves of civilian men and women, valerian…proved wonderfully efficacious, preventing or minimizing serious results.”⁣

Duo to its broad ranging benefits, studies now also indicate that this herb can even be beneficial for Menopause and Menstrual problems.⁣

Combined with Chamomile, Magnesium and Vitamin B this herb promotes healthy sleeping patterns, regulates mood and alleviates feelings of anxiety. ⁣

Duo Calm: Available online and select stockists countrywide.⁣⁣


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