Trichotin now available in selected Sorbet Stores


Internationally recognised nutritional lifestyle company, Fusion Laboratories, is currently collaborating with the Sorbet franchise chain in South Africa to offer their luxury multi-nutrient Trichotin range across selected stores.

Trichotin Hair Regenesis, Fusion Labs’ multi-endorsed flagship product, is formulated to reduce hair loss while stimulating stronger, healthier hair growth, and improving skin clarity. It is now available through selected Sorbet Drybar stores in Gauteng, including Bedford Centre, Greenstone, and Dunkeld.

Trichotin DHT Inhibitor, a nightly caplet formulation, specifically designed to combat male pattern hair loss, is available through Sorbet Man, Village View, in Johannesburg.

Grooming stores are open for business again and Fusion Laboratories is delighted to be associated with the Sorbet brand which also provides health and beauty solutions to a discerning clientele.

Selected Sorbet stores details listed below:

Trichotin Hair Regenesis:

Sorbet Bedford Centre Drybar
011 615 6250

Sorbet Greenstone Drybar
011 452 0317

Sobet Dunkeld Drybar
010 448 6700

Trichotin DHT Inhibitor:

Village View Sorbet Man
010 007 1323

Fusion LabsTrichotin now available in selected Sorbet Stores

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