Talking to a loved one about hair loss


Three tips for getting them help.

It can be hard to talk to a man about his hair loss, but he knows it’s happening.

Most men are unhappy about losing their hair. Many won’t talk about it, but you might find them searching the internet for answers.

If your partner, husband or friend is experiencing the condition, here are a couple of ways to start a conversation:

  1. If he points out that there is often a lot of hair in the shower drain, ask him if he feels that he’s losing his hair. He might have thought of it, but not noticed his scalp thinning, as you might have.
  2. Start with “I love you” and say, “I noticed that you’re losing your hair a bit. I want to help you get ahead of it before it gets worse. I saw something that might help.” Then talk about Trichotin DHT Inhibitor. It’s based on science and simply one caplet each day.
  3. If he brings it up, be supportive. Most men, although they try to act oblivious, want to look our best. Keeping our hair for as long as possible is a big part of that.

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