Stop male pattern hair loss in its tracks.


One of the most debilitating aspects of male pattern hair loss is the overwhelming sense of helplessness. A feeling of inevitability often accompanies the first signs of hair loss, a depressing resignation to the fate of male pattern hair loss.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Every single ingredient in Trichotin DHT Inhibitor has been carefully selected to provide the maximum efficacy. Our research was exhaustive and at every stage of development our goal was clear; producing the most effective weapon against male pattern hair loss.

With Trichotin DHT Inhibitor you have the power of years of scientific research and an expertly formulated, natural DHT Inhibitor with no side effects.

At Fusion Laboratories we believe in complete transparency. Over on our product web page you can browse through all the ingredients, plus the research and science supporting Trichotin DHT Inhibitor.

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