Some Things Just aren’t Inevitable


Once you start losing your hair, everything can feel inevitable. There is a feeling that you need to simply wait for it to all be done and figure out how to keep your head covered all the time.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

The team at Fusion Laboratories has spent years studying the nutrition that your hair follicles need to help your body grow rich, healthy, and abundant hair.

Here are a few of the important statements made in academic articles about the subject:

“In otherwise healthy individuals, nutritional factors appear to play a role in subjects with persistent increased hair shedding”.NIH Report

“The oral supplement assessed in this study safely and effectively promotes significant hair growth in women with temporary hair thinning”.NIH Report

“These results suggest that iron may play a certain role especially in premenopausal FPHL (female pattern hair loss)”.NIH Report

There are thousands of studies that point to nutritional deficiencies as a cause or, at least, an exacerbating factor in hair loss for both men and women.

When formulating Trichotin Hair Regenesis, we took the best and most credible studies to create a once-a-day nutritional supplement that has a positive effect on the growth of abundant, luxurious hair.

In our next email, we will list and discuss the ingredients that we have included in Trichotin Hair Regenesis. Many of them aren’t part of the normal diet, so we have found a way to get you the trace minerals your hair needs.


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