BLACK FRIDAY SOLD OUT. Trichotin Hair Regenesis & Dermagen⁣.

Despite using accurate estimation tools we have been completely overwhelmed by public demand.⁣

What surprised us though is the timing of the sell out. ⁣

By 6:58 am we were out of product on our main lines for black Friday deals.⁣

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. ⁣

1. Certain stores still have product and are offering 20% discounts.⁣

2. You can still enjoy 10% discount online & gift with purchase.

3. We will have two replenishment batches on the production line by Monday. We will have all teams working overtime to ensure a fresh supply by mid/late next week for all those who took advantage of the early access Black Friday shopping and fulfil your order. ⁣

We thank you, for your loyal support. ⁣

We will continue to create great products, experiences and deliver immense value. ⁣

It has been a pleasure to serve you )⁣

Take care of yourself.

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