Scientifically developed male pattern hair loss reversal


There are so many rumours and second-hand tales of the causes of male pattern hair loss. Many of them are completely inaccurate.

Raised DHT levels have long been known to be the cause of male pattern hair loss.

However, we have seen that the effectiveness of scheduled DHT Inhibitors in combating male pattern hair loss was marred by some fairly serious side effects – one of the biggest was a loss of libido and other adverse sexual side effects.

We knew that our highly formulated, herbal DHT Inhibitor could match scheduled DHT Inhibitors and do it with none of the side effects. We don’t think you should have to choose between a healthy sex drive or hair regrowth – with Trichotin DHT Inhibitor we’re happy to say that you can have both!

In fact, our formula not only reverses male pattern hair loss and stimulates hair growth but several of our natural, plant-based ingredients are proven to improve libido and prostate health.

Through extensive research, clinical studies and a commitment to developing the most effective answer to male pattern hair loss, Trichotin DHT Inhibitor is the highest performing hair maintenance product available today.

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