We all need luck to be successful. It is part of the success equation.

It’s a reality we must accept.

Can luck be created? We are not sure. What we do know is that we can place ourselves in positions of opportunity, which may induce luck.

If you don’t bet, you can’t win.

So next time you see a property on sale that is a block away from an upcoming small mall, purchase it. The street may develop into a commercial area.

Next time you have no reason to visit a possible stockist, pop in to say a sincere hi. He may have had a great morning and is enthusiastic to discuss distributing your exciting product.

Next time you see a lost foreigner, walk over and express hospitality. Your vastly different styles may have more in common and they go on to become a good friend.

What all of the above examples have in common is that they are of proactive nature.

Therefore, go out and create possible, positive black swan options.

Take a chance. Pursue it fully or let it dangle. With luck, something may catch.

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