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“A while ago I started using Trichotin for hair growth. I noticed my skin cleared up and was a lot easier to maintain..

I did some research and found it was the Trichotin and Dermagen tablets I was drinking.

So here’s the facts:

Acne is the result of excess sebum (oil) development. The skin friendly mineral Zinc, which is included in the Dermagen and (Trichotin) formula, is the most common natural  ingredient known to treat acne breakouts.

It is important as it regulates the skin’s oil gland activity. in addition to Zinc, Dermagen also contains Vitamin A and 19 nutrients which help in this capacity and improve overall skin health.

I also use Trichotin Hair Regenesis as a daily multi-vitamin, not only because of its wide ranging, high quality vitamin and mineral profile, but also because of the additional benefits the supporting ingredients provide to hair and skin.

Basically I am very impressed with the products and would highly recommend it.”

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