Let Science do the Work!


Every so often, a novel brand launches a skin cream that they claim will make you look better. “This new skin cream will reverse ageing and make you look 20 years younger.”

Well, the truth is that there is little chance that such an anti-aging cream exist, and the effect of many anti-wrinkle creams are temporary.

The one thing that hasn’t changed between the time you were a fresh-faced little kid and now, is that your skin needs good nutrition. But, are you going to eat a kiwi every day for the vitamin C, a cup full of mushrooms for the selenium, and a bunch of kale for the manganese?

Given how busy our lives are, we didn’t think so. That’s what Dermagen is here for: to complete the gaps in your nutrition.

The experts at Fusion Labs have combined the recommended vitamins and minerals into a simple, daily multi-nutrient – a formula specifically designed to keep your skin healthy, clear and radiant.

Nourish your skin from within!


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