Fusion Integrated Services

Venture into a world of
innovative technology,
experience the creation
of a premier product.

Fusion Integrated Services is our Innovation Factory.

It is an independent arm of Fusion Laboratories, providing intellectual capital, research, formulation, manufacturing and marketing for companies wishing to outsource the development of exceptional value-added nutritional projects.

The ideas we incubate are unique. We formulate and manufacture products in a way that is distinctly different and our product excellence appeals to the five senses. We are design and results-driven and will package and pitch your product using world-class designers and copywriters.

Fusion Integrated Services (F.I.S) provides an impeccable environment that nurtures staff enthusiasm, motivation and creativity. That’s our bottom line to ensure unleashing a product of distinction. We invite you to consult with us and view the world through our lens.

We source the most suitable ingredients and manufacture outstanding formulations that stringently adhere to best manufacturing practices. The result is a product that excels in quality and presentation in the final roll-out, ensuring that you optimise your customer’s satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Departments and Service Packages.

Each of our departments is independent and cross functional, yet remains under the aegis of F.I.S. The organisation offers the following services:


  • Overview of the Nutritional Supplement Market (Direction & statistics)
  • Key findings & highlights
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Overview of supplement types
  • Business drivers for the product

Product Formulation

The formulae that we develop are:

  • Highly innovative
  • Nutritionally superior
  • Technologically advanced
  • High quality assured
  • Medicines Control Council compliant


  • F.I.S product development ensures the purity of all carefully selected ingredients, thus achieving consistent product quality and accuracy.
  • All products are manufactured according to the international requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP) stringent standards, in a fully controlled facility.

Value Added Services

  • Unique packaging concepts
  • Compilation of label content
  • Label designs – imaginative professional graphic designs
  • Printing & Production
  • Through-the-line Copywriting & Marketing
  • Website Development

Why Fusion Integrated Services?

Fusion Integrated Services is an experienced business developer with strong execution ability. We rely on stringent corporate governance with ongoing evaluation for quality assurance, safety, efficacy and accuracy.

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