Exclusive Nutrition for Extraordinary Hair


The ingredients in Trichotin Hair Regenesis. are selected to create vibrant health for your hair, skin and body.

We wanted to highlight a few facts of two key ingredients and the clinical studies that point to their efficacy.

Iron – While this might seem an ingredient that most of us are getting enough of, some people, particularly women, are deficient in this vital nutrient. This study points to a clear connection between hair loss and iron deficiency. We have included iron as an ingredient in Trichotin Hair Regenesis.

Kelp – One of the most effective ingredients for hair loss is kelp. In a summary article at Livestrong.com, they review the nutrients that are found in kelp, including iodine and essential amino acids.

Rather than being a single ingredient solution, like so many other products, Trichotin Hair Regenesis combines all of the latest researched ingredients into one single caplet that you take once-a-day. We have made it easier for you to give your hair all of the nutrition that you need, to have a healthy head of hair.


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