At times we all have to lean forward, whether we’ve wronged someone or just wish to right a relationship. Put your heart on the line. Outstretch your hand. Greet first. Initiate the hug. Talk till the conversation gains momentum. Take them out for dinner to treat them. Just lean forward sometimes. Life is better if we don’t hold back?



Our face is the appearance we show the world. It symbolises our health, presence, emotions and self-confidence. Hair and skin also have a rich history of associated beauty. They are not only of cosmetic importance but form part of our identity. If our physical features are impacted we feel less attractive. This has psychological implications and affects our happiness, confidence …

Steve Jobs


For the misfits right? History will place Steve Jobs right alongside Edison and Henry Ford. His product development skills were second to none. Jobs was a genius at indulging in year-long binges of engineering brilliance, that led to insanely great products. Steve Jobs laser-like focus and deep intensity led him to unique design and engineering tastes. His work was simple, …

Show up


A certain part of life is about taking chances. Despite all our planning, uncertainty still lies ahead. If that’s the case take a few calculated risks, then let go. You never know how reality is going to play out. After all, the comfort zone rarely leads to great heights. If you give everything and lose “So what?” “Share your potential. …

Reinvent yourself


Stay open to: Learning, Travelling, & Experiences. It’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full. See things anew.



“When something good happens, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens, travel to forget it. If nothing happens, travel to make something happen”. If you don’t go, you’ll never know.



Life is a full journey. Not the 100m sprint. In your quest for success, be patient. Give the stars time to align. You can’t achieve success without pain or persistence. Delay gratification. Continue on…  

New Year – 2017


               Bem Vindo (Welcome) 2017 is your year. You can carve it however you please. It’s potential is your goldmine. Below are a few in-house lessons for us at Fusion Laboratories. We thought we’d share it in the event you find it useful, course-changing or inspirational. 2017 will be a great year, if we: …

Happy Holidays Folks


Its the holidays… Wander, nap, share, hug, smile, laugh. In life, the little things have big emotional advantages. Small things done consistently are the big things. Often the very things that are free are most impactful. Add a few to your to-do list. They will make your holidays a lot more pleasant and life, a whole lot richer.