Elon Musk


Elon Musk, the character after whom Tony Stark in the Iron Man Films was modeled, has launched himself to the top of the globe by his impeccable offerings. Presently his ventures include Tesla, Solar City and Space X. Ashlee Vance’s biography of Elon shows the depth of human capability. He discusses Elon’s ways as an outlandish thinker, sixteen hour shifts, …

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Trichotin (Hair Regenesis) [Tri-co-tin] The name was coined during the start-up days. Name generation gives the product more than identity. It radiates character. Trichotin originates from: Tri – depicting “three”. The product improves hair, skin and even nails. Trichology – the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of hair and scalp health. Co-tin – stems from Co …

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Prime Life


We cannot be fully effective if we are not cherishing our bodies and mind. Exercise and looking after your body is the first step to self-love. Walking is exercise. Activity helps emotionally level you out. Fitness improves longevity and durability. If you want to live a prime life, you have to be in a prime state. Stay energy rich. When …

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Our customers deserve better. Every day, we at Fusion Labs arrive at our destinations to connect, nurture human spirit and elevate the shopping experience. We aim to deliver the unexpected to our customers. We don’t want to fall behind in creating exciting products and serving them. We understand that the conditions we treat, have to be dealt with in an …

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Nurture your health


Success has its price, but don’t let it be at the expense of your health. Your body may be fine, for now, without technology free blocks, four hour sleep shifts and daily stress. But, there may well be a time that its effects catch up with you. Make a pact with yourself today, that you will manage your health better …

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As Thomas Friedman wrote, ” If you are self motivated, WOW, this world is tailored for you. The boundaries are all gone. But if you are not self-motivated, this world will be a challenge because the walls, ceilings and floors that protected people are also disappearing. There will be fewer limits, but also fewer guarantees. Your specific contribution will define …

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Gabi Ury


Gabi has scoliosis, a medical condition in which a person’s spinal column resembles an “S” or a question mark shape, instead of a straight line. Some of her calf, glutes and abs muscles are dysfunctional, due to atrophy. At sixteen years of age, she has already had 14 major surgical procedures. In early 2014, Gabi defied the impossible and beat …

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How do you increase your chances of giving an incredible thirty minute speech? Speak for twenty. Eliminate your weakest part and the unnecessary words. Impress a potential new client by finishing your presentation in fifty minutes, when you’ve scheduled an hour. Be respectful and give the gift of time.  

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Grow. Read great books. Mark Cuban is founder of HDNET, Broadcast.com, Micro Solution’s, investor in Naked Pizza, JungleCents.com, 140Fire.com and also the owner of the Landmark Theater, Magnolia Pictures and the Dallas Mavericks. He has a wife, two daughters and a son. He reads almost three hours, every day. Be willing to pay for future success, with efforts of the …

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