Happy Holidays Folks


Its the holidays… Wander, nap, share, hug, smile, laugh. In life, the little things have big emotional advantages. Small things done consistently are the big things. Often the very things that are free are most impactful. Add a few to your to-do list. They will make your holidays a lot more pleasant and life, a whole lot richer.  

Fusion LabsHappy Holidays Folks

Social Networks


These days many of us get our dopamine (feel good) and cortisol (stress hormone) hits from our social networks. We consciously or subconsciously affected by likes, comments and comparisons of our lives to others. Don’t. The social weather just ain’t that important. Go out and enjoy the summer holidays instead.

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  Thank you for listening. For those that are audio respondent, enjoy.  

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Be strong without becoming hard. Be filled and overwhelmed with gratitude. Become successful without becoming arrogant. When the Roman military leaders returned from victorious battle, they would enjoy the honour of victory and return to welcoming crowds. The Generals curbed their esteem during triumphal marches by placing a slave behind them to whisper in their ear:            “Sic Transit Gloria, …

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Appreciate your breath. It is the most important human function. The fact that everybody does it, doesn’t make it any less of a miracle. Things that we don’t give much value to are actually the most powerful, substantial forces. Harness them!  

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Rewards are in places of uncertainty. Temper your fears with hope. Cheer for yourself before anyone else cheers for you. You start as a Laboratory of One. Step up. You have to trust in yourself before achieving success. Risk mitigate. Have a back-up plan, but back yourself simultaneously. You have the ability to defy the odds. You are far more …

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are chipping away at our time. They are in the distraction business. In order to achieve anything meaningful, we have to disconnect. The long-term reward will be: A better present mental state Greater willpower Deeper work Those that create great products rarely have distracting work habits. Develop routines that allow you to go deep and …

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Salt, Sugar, Fat


We are hardwired to consume salt, sugar and fat. There’s a historical reason that promotes these present day indulgences. If we understand their origins, they easier to fend off. In the past, fatty foods acted as calorie reserves during periods of food shortages. Salt retained water and avoided dehydration. Sugar distinguished sweet edible berries from sour poisonous ones*. That model …

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Roses have thorns. Those that are appreciative are grateful, that thorns have roses. Thankfulness is more dependent on attitude than circumstances. Gratitude is about having an awareness of the many miracles in your life –  Value them. If we don’t appreciate what we have, we miss the fulfillment it brings. Gratitude is the gateway to awesomeness. It is a state …

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