At the Heart of Great Hair is Great Nutrition


For many people suffering from alopecia (hair loss), nutrition can affect their bodies’ ability to grow strong, healthy hair.

Often hair loss is affected by factors which we can treat, like iron or nutritional deficiencies. In other cases, there are factors that we can’t change, like genetics or ageing.

At Fusion Laboratories, we have studied the nutritional needs of your hair. The hair follicles in your scalp need very specific nutrients to function optimally.

When we create and reformulate Trichotin Hair Regenesis, we use the latest medical information and studies.

Trichotin is natural, has no side effects, and is just a once-a-day capsule.

Not only will Trichotin help your hair follicles get back to business, but it will also help you grow stronger, healthier hair and improve your skin’s clarity.


*Image courtesy of Prettiful blog

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