Focus on Today


A ship has compartments that can be sealed to prevent water in one compartment from flooding another. So too we need to seal off the past and the future.

“We cannot live in either of those eternities. To do so could harm our realities. We can be content to live the only time we possibly can – today.”

To live happier, optimal lives, what happened a few months ago should not be weighing you down today. What will happen in a few months is not relevant to the present.

We don’t insinuate that you shouldn’t plan for the future. We are saying that if you carry the past with you or worry about what tomorrow may or may not hold, you will have a difficulty doing that which you need to do today!

By living in “day-tight compartments” we can channel all our energy, motivation and skills into today.

“If you want to avoid worry, live in “day-tight compartments.” Don’t worry about the future. Just live each day until bedtime.”


*Quotations by: Dale Carnegie.

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